A trying day…

The only respite to the annoyance that’s been singing a song of anger in my head all day is the barely visible bright spot of light hitting the top of one of the mountains on the Swan Range.

It’s just below the power lines and above the highway treetops. As a photojournalist I should jump out of my seat and hop in the car. Drive like a maniac to get those last glimpses of sun before they pass into the night that will surely bring more clouds than we’ve already had today.

But I’m not going, because although I have finished my day of design work and desperately need some sort of stimulus outside of my office, outside of my boss, before covering a fire fighter training, I have to wait.

I left work today for a breather. A temporary outdoor oxygenated cry and rant on the telephone because my temper got the best of my. My annoyance was so great I had to leave before I said something I couldn’t stop from coming out.

I feel almost zenned out now, resigned to being temporarily annoyed at work until something changes. Because I need to learn to accept that there are somethings that I have no power over, so I can move on with my life and do the work I can control.