Pink bathtubs and cowboy boots

The phone call I just got was incomprehensible. A ramble of female anxiety from a mother looking for an audition at the Bigfork Children’s Playhouse.

By the time I understood exactly what she wanted, directions, a different mother on another phone in her vicinity found out and she hung up on me.

But that’s beside the point. Onto important things like my new boss and my new house. First impressions hold on strong and when I get busy I seem to hold onto symbols in my mind. Objects that define things and solidify them in my memory.

I will never forget what my new boss looked like the day I met him. Never. He was dressed to impress, he said. And had just come from meeting with the big bosses in Kalispell.

Black cowboy boots with a steel toe. Polished to a shine.

Black suit. Cowboy style. Polyester black pants and a black suede jacket.

Cowboy tie. Armadillo sized belt buckle.

Black cowboy hat. And a grin.

I was impressed.

We designed our first paper together today. With a little help from our savior Miss Heidi Desch. She is awesome. I think it turned out pretty well, especially the page I designed with photos from the Polar Bear Plunge, which is a work of genius, by the way. But, I will never understand the need for people to put their bare skin in water that is 35 degrees when it’s 35 degrees outside the water too.

The system crashed on us today and was slow. We couldn’t print pages because the printer wasn’t working and there was nothing we could do about it here. We had to wait for outside sources to magically fix it from somewhere west and north of here. That’s the way it goes when you work on the “cloud,” which is also something I’m still struggling to understand and something that struggles to work on a somewhat consistent basis.

But, who cares, designing pages is kind of fun. A heck of a start for Matt Naber, new editor of the Bigfork Eagle and the West Shore News. The rest of the week hopefully goes much smoother for him.

I’m off to photograph basketball this evening and round out a 12 hour work day, which will be repeated on Thursday. It also means I get to take tomorrow morning off and hang out in my new house.

That house is forever in my mind as the house with the pink bathtub and the pink carpets. And as I found out this morning while taking a shower, also the house with the small hot water heater.

First of all the water take forever to get warm. It’s an old house, old pipes, long way to travel, etc. The bathtub faucet is rickety. I didn’t notice till I went to take a shower of course, but I couldn’t figure out how to make the water hot.

I pulled it to the left and waited. Cold.

I pushed it to the right and waited. Cold.

I jiggled it and wiggled it. Moved it. Cold. I Got frustrated and turned it off.

I then pulled it straight up and waited. Warm. Not hot, warm, and I was thrilled.

I got in and enjoyed, figured out how to make it hot and it seemed like five minutes later it was getting cold. A hell of a way to wake up at 6:30 in the morning.